Tower Garden School Curriculum

Fresh vegetables

K-12 PBL/STEM/STEAM Compatible Curriculum

Developed by Seton Hall

Lessons and PowerPoints broken down by grade

Grade 2 & up = 4 lessons

  • Seeds
  • Roots
  • Stems
  • Pollination

Grade 5 & up = 2 lessons

  • Fertilization
  • Leaves

Grade 7 & up = 4 lessons

  • Plant Research
  • Pigments
  • Mineral Nutrition
  • Flavors and Phytochemicals

Classroom Tower Gardens

  • STEM/STEAM Classroom Learning
  • “Cross Pollination”
  • Start with simple crops
  • A tool to allow educators to do what they do best!
  • Champion (volunteer)
  • Assisting in Organizing Classroom and Farm Set Up
  • Supply Ordering
  • Teaching Tower Maintenance
  • Liaison to Tower Support (Horticulture Assistance, etc.)

Planting Seeds Tower Farm

  • Planting Seeds Tower Farm Certification
  • Educational Classroom Tower Gardens
  • Unlimited Heirloom Seed Bank
  • Champion
  • Grant Writing Assistance
  • 1–2 Servings of Fresh Produce Per Child, Per Day
  • Create Mentorship/Internship and Job Opportunities
  • Commerce Opportunity through Healthful Fundraisers
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint (98% less water, 90% less space)

Better nutrition = less time out of school

  • Students enjoy, learn and eat
  • Increased test scores (“4% on average” The Atlantic 2018)
  • Special needs and disabled community can contribute
  • Parents participate and teach foundational habits
  • Schools contribute to neighborhood
  • Create mentorship, internship and employment opportunities

From Seed to Harvest

Timeline 18 months to 2 years


Obtain school board approval


Create a specific scaleable tailored plan for Tower Farm


Perform discovery and apply for grants


Purchase and begin gardening on classroom educational gardens (with achieved grant money)


Identify potential farm locations (logistics)


Order farm supplies (with achieved grant money)


Train school hired Tower Farmer


Implement Tower Farm according to business plan


Maintain support from a team of horticulturalists and local school champion


Share food and information on “how to” urban farm with the community